Information of Mt. Takao The Great Outdoors, Close to the City

Mt. Takao is located within the municipal boundaries of Hachioji City, Tokyo, in the southeastern part of the Kanto uplands. Because it is only about 50 km from central Tokyo, you have enough time to get there, enjoy a leisurely hike in the highlands, and return to the city the same day.

Elevation: 599 meters. This region is located on the natural boundary between Japan's subtropical and temperate forests, so trees and other plants typical of both types of woodland are present. Mt. Takao is known as an Eden of wildlife and natural vegetation.

Walk along trails under huge cedar trees hundreds of years old...
Ride the cable car or chair lift from the foot of the mountain. Or you can do the entire climb on a good hiking trail. Time to the summit: about one and a half hours.

The view from the summit is fantastic, and when the weather is right you can see Mt. Fuji clearly. Come to Mt. Takao for a day of fun and relaxation.

Easy hiking and lots to see Mt. Takao : Wild Flowers, Great Scenery and More

Mt. Takao has 7 hiking trails. This map shows the most interesting ones: Trail #1 and Trail #6.

* You will be able to view it enlarged by clicking on the image below.

All trails : Length and approximate hiking times

Hiking times do not include stops for meals or rests.

  • Ascent100 min.
  • Descent90 min.
  • One Loop30 min.
  • Ascent60 min.
  • Descent50 min.
  • Ascent50 min.
  • Descent40 min.
  • One Loop30 min.
  • Ascent90 min.
  • Descent70 min.
Inariyama Trail
  • Ascent90 min.
  • Descent70 min.

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birds and scenery in spring
birds and scenery in autumn

Information of Mt.Takao

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Mt. Takao, a Pleasure in Any Season



Mt. Takao has more than a dozen varieties of violets, including one named after the mountain Takao sumire (Viola yezoensis f. discolor). Another beautiful variety is Tachitsubo sumire (Violaceae Viola grypoceras). The flowers bloom along the hiking trails, each variety creating its own atmosphere.

Cherry blossoms

The area from the summit to Itchodaira is known for its beautiful cherry blossoms. Two varieties here, yama-zakura(Prunus jamasakura) and somei-yoshino (Prunus yedoensis), bloom later than on the plain below. The best time to view them is mid-April. Among other trees in the mountain wilderness, the delicate blossoms create an atmosphere different from what their cousins would offer in the city.


Trail #6 follows a valley

You may find Trail #6 has the most to offer for a cool summer hike. It winds its way up a valley, past small streams you will cross by jumping from stone to stone. Lots of variety here.

Mt. Takao "Beer Mount"

The observation deck near the cable car's Takaosan Station becomes a beer garden from June to mid-September.
Enjoy the night view of Tokyo and the all-you-can-eat gourmet buffet (limit, 2 hours). Schedule and prices may vary, depending on the year.


Gorgeous autumn colors

Around mid-November, deciduous trees like the maples iroha momiji (Acer palmatum) and ou momiji (Acer amoenum) decorate the landscape most elegantly. If you begin your journey up the mountain by taking the cable car, you will pass through a tunnel of colors. Natural beauty for the nature lover.


Tororo soba noodles

The recipe for this winter treat was developed in the early part of the 20th century. Japanese yam, which is native to the area, is added to keep the noodles from breaking.
Hikers from the foot of the mountain to the summit will pass 23 refreshment stands offering their own special version of this treat. The buckwheat and yam go well together, making this noodle dish especially tempting.

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