Manners and Awareness Riding the Train

When Riding on the Train

Please wait for the train on the platform making a line at the location of the sign for the train door. Once you get in the train, please keep on moving without stopping around the door.

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Luggage in the Train

In the train, please do not carry your luggage on your back or place it on the floor, but carry it in front of your body, or place it on the rack above the seats.

Please place your luggage on your knees, instead of placing it on the floor, when you are sitting in the seat.

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No Smoking in the Station

It is prohibited to smoke throughout the day at all 69 stations of Keio Line and Inokashira Line.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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Using of the Mobile Phone in the Train

As a basic rule, usage of mobile phone in the train is prohibited. There is a chance that it may affect the pacemakers, so please turn off the power of the mobile phone especially around the priority seats.

We will continuously request for cooperation through the in-car announcements and stickers.

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Priority Seats

There are priority seats designated at the end of each car (8 seats). "Elderly person," "handicapped person," "person with infant or toddler," "pregnant person," or "person with medical device, such as pacemaker" can use these seats with priority. We are requesting to turn the mobile phone off around the priority seats so passengers using medical devices, such as pacemaker, can ride the train without any worry.

Furthermore, we will be changing the colors of the straps and seats around the priority seats, defining a "Caring Zone," helping people to recognize the area to turn off the mobile phone.

Priority seat sticker

Caring Zone

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Air Conditioning in the Train (Spring)

We are taking consideration of the outside temperature, trying to maintain appropriate temperature in the train, but during the season changeover, and with various passengers onboard, we are aware that the temperature is not always satisfying everyone on the train.

We are instructing to use the air conditioning during the rush hours, but once the air conditioning is turned on full blast, passengers around the vent might feel very cold. We ask you to adjust the temperature by opening the window or with your clothing.

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Air Conditioning Temperature Setting (Summer)

To pursue for more comfortable conditions, we are improving our air conditioning systems, and also designated low air conditioning cars for passengers who do not like it very cold, where the air conditioning temperature is set 2 degrees higher than the normal 26 degrees.

How you feel the temperature in the train will differ depending on the exterior temperature and your clothing, so please adjust your comfort by selecting the cars or with your clothing.

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Heating in the Train (Winter)

We are adjusting the heating temperature as much as possible to generate comfortable condition in the train. Especially in the early morning of winter time, we turn on the heater at the train depot before the operation, but sometimes it takes about an hour or two for the train to warm up. Thank you for your understanding.

Also, how you feel the temperature in the train will differ depending on the exterior temperature, your clothing, or how crowded the car is, so please adjust your comfort by selecting the cars or with your clothing.

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