1 Day Tripto West Tokyo A Value Ticket to New Face of Tokyo
1 day Ticket arriving and departing at Shinjuku

Mt. Takao

★50 minutes train from Shinjuku

★Mt. Takao is rich in nature and not far from downtown

★Feel the Japanese touch with Onsen and Japanese Kaiseki cuisine.

Yomiuri land

★30 minutes train from Shinjuku

★Amusement park with the largest number of rides in Tokyo

★Experience the Japanese craftsmanship at the indoor facility

Feature of these Ticket

★Online reservation is possible before coming to Japan

★You can enjoy sightseeing at your own pace since the schedule is flexible

★Attraction off the beaten path in Tokyo


Mt. Takao + Keio 1-day Ticket


Mt. Takao + Keio 1-day Ticket -Ukai Toriyama-


Keio Amusement Ticket -Yomiuri Land-

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