Keio Railway Map & Reading Station Signs

Keio Railway Map & Reading Station Signs

Keio Railway Map

Information about all routes and stations of Keiō Line and Inokashira Line.

Download a copy of the Keio Railway Map here.

Reading Station Signs

Destination information panel

The destination information panel provides information about trains such as departure times, train types, destinations, and stations where different types of train stop.

Information display for customers

Normal Service
Service Alert

Departure information and other miscellaneous messages are displayed at normal times. Information on changes in transport routes, problems on sections of track, etc. is displayed when necessary.

Station signs on platforms

The station name appears at the center.
The arrow line under the station name indicates the direction of travel. The names of the adjacent stations appear on the left and right.

Station numbers

The acronyms stand for lines: “KO” stands for Keiō Line and “IN” stands for Inokashira Line.
Station numbers on the Keiō Line start from Shinjuku. Station numbers on the Inokashira Line start from Shibuya.

Exit information

Exits are indicated with yellow signs (there are exceptions). Follow the arrow to find an exit.

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