About Substitute Transportation

About Substitute Transportation

Substitute transportation is available for a customer already holding a ticket when part of route goes out of service.* Whenever we have trouble with train operation, we request other railway companies to provide an alternative route for the section of the customer's ticket.

*Not applicable for Suica cards (My Suica / Suica io card), PASMO (registered PASMO / unregistered PASMO), or areas outside of the commuter pass section of a Suica / PASMO commuter pass.

Tickets Covered by Substitute Transportation

A ticket is required for substitute transportation.

Tickets Substitute Transportation

Cases where substitute transportation becomes available without vouchers

There are cases when you can use substitute transportation without a substitute transportation voucher by showing your ticket to the ticket gate staff at the train company that provides the substitute transportation. (See examples at the bottom of this page.)
Please tell the ticket gate staff you are using substitute transportation.

Precautions when using substitute transportation

  • Please show your substitute transportation voucher and ticket to the ticket gate staff.
  • Substitute transportation is not available with an IC card such as Suica or PASMO. But it is available for the route covered by your commuter pass. Please pass the gate without the card sensor (next to the ticket gate staff). If pass a card near a sensor, the fare will be electronically deducted from the SF (the amount charged in the card).
  • If you use a mobile Suica commuter pass, please show the pass screen to the ticket gate staff.
Tickets Not Usable for Substitute Transportation

How to use substitute transportation

If there is trouble between Station B and Station C when you take a train from Station A
Cases where substitute transportation is available without a voucher
Cases where substitute transportation fares are not reimbursed

*Suica is a registered trademark of East Japan Railway Company.

*PASMO is a registered trademark of PASMO Co., ltd.

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