Shinjuku area shopping

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Shinjuku Station is more heavily trafficked with passengers than any other station in the world. Connections are provided for five railways, including Keio Railway. The neighborhood around Shinjuku Station is Japan’s most bustling entertainment district. Hundreds of thousands of people come here to shop, eat, see Tokyo, and stay in the extensive accommodations for travelers. Visit Shinjuku to enjoy food, fashion, entertainment, and art, or stay here on your next trip to Tokyo.


The shopping area can be reached from Shinjuku Station.

Shibuya area shopping

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Shibuya Station has connections to four railways, including Keio Railway. The town around the station is a base for fashion and culture, a birthplace for many trends that spread through youth culture in Japan and overseas. Several of the streets in Shibuya are unique and famous in their own right, such as Center-gai, Dogenzaka, Spain-zaka, Koen-dori, and Miyamasu-zaka. Visit Shibuya for its shops and restaurants, cultural facilities, theaters, or planetarium. You can also experience the throngs of people scrambling through Shibuya crossing, the world-famous intersection in front of the station and the statue of Shibuya’s mascot, the faithful dog Hachiko.


The shopping area can be reached from Shibuya Station.

Kichijoji area shopping

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Kichijoji is another base for Tokyo subculture, a favorite hangout for students from the schools lined up along the railway lines passing through the station. Visit Kichijoji for shopping, food, and an artsy atmosphere with glimpses of nature. Many writers have adopted Kichijoji as their neighborhood of choice.


The shopping area can be reached from Kichijoji Station.

Nearby Spots

Shimo-kitazawa area shopping

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Shimokitazawa is a tangle of narrow streets crammed with general stores, clothing boutiques, casual restaurants, popular traditional stores, and a creative mood. Most Tokyoites know the town for its music, theater, and vintage clothes. The storefronts have been described as open toyboxes spilling into the streets.


The shopping area can be reached from Shimo-kitazawa Station.

Mitsui Outlet Park Tama Minami Osawa

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Mitsui Outlet Park Tama Minami Osawa is a festive outlet mall in front of Minami-osawa Station. Come here to shop for every genre of the current fashion, along with gardening supplies, pets, or even general groceries and fresh produce at the supermarket. You can also take a side trip to "Tokyo Meatrea," a cluster of meat-themed restaurants (a ‘meat theme park’) located nearby the station.


The shopping area can be reached from Minami-osawa Station.

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