Temples, Shrines, History

Temples, Shrines, History

Jindaiji Temple

The second oldest temple in Tokyo after Senso-ji. Jindaiji Temple holds various festivals season by season, including the famous Daruma doll festival, an attraction for many thousands. Nearby shops sell various types of souvenirs. Many of the restaurants in the neighborhood serve the famous "Jindaiji soba."

Telephone: 042-486-5511


Take the bus bound for Jindaiji Temple from the north exit of Tsutsujigaoka Station or the north exit of Chofu Station. Ride to the last stop.

Nearby Spots

Okunitama Jinja Shrine

Okunitama Jinja Shrine is a shrine with a long and distinguished history dating back to its founding 1,900 years ago. Come here to pray to the gods of wealth and marriage. An avenue of zelkova trees, the symbol of Fuchu, runs for 700 meters through the town.

Telephone: 042-362-2130


5-minute walk from Fuchu Station

Takahata Fudoson

Takahata Fudoson is counted as one of three major Fudoson of the Kanto area. The site consists of the Fudo-do, Nio-mon, Fudo triad, along with many national important cultural properties spread over an area of about 99,173 m2. The rich natural setting on and below Tamakyuryo Hill changes remarkably month by month throughout the seasons. The area is especially famous for the hydrangea blossoms in June and maple leaves in autumn.

Telephone: 042-591-0032


5-minute walk from Takahatafudo Station

Omiya Hachimangu Shrine

Established in 1063. The gods worshipped here are part of a single divine family, so visitors come to pray for help with family matters such as marriages, the safe delivery of babies, or raising children. Nine portable shrines are carried into the main shrine at annual "joint Miya-iri" festival performed in September.

Telephone: 03-3311-0105


7-minute walk from Nishi-eifuku Station

Takao-san Yakuo-in Temple

Located in Mt. Takao, Takao-san Yakuo-in Temple has been regarded as the symbol of the famous Mt. Takao since its founding in 744. Takaosan is said to have been a mountain of Shugen-do through the ages. Even today, mountain priests, practitioners of Shugen-do, come here to perform ascetic rituals throughout the year, including ritual devotions under the waterfalls.

Telephone: 042-661-1115


Walk for 5 minutes from Takaosanguchi Station to the cable car station, then another 20 minutes onward to Takaosan Station.

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